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Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips

With 59% of Australians using social networking sites at least once or more per day, it’s not hard to understand why real estate agencies are moving more of their advertising dollars into Social Media Marketing.

Due to the power of social media and the mobile phone, real estate agencies no longer have to rely on foot traffic or dropping off mailbox flyers, they can simply connect with prospective sellers, buyers, landlords, and tenants directly through their news feed. Depending on the various social media platforms your real estate agency is on, you may be able to connect with your prospective clients, multiple times per day!

While Social Media Marketing can help build brand awareness and attract more clients, it can also have the reverse effect if it’s not executed correctly as you may turn away prospective clients based on the type of content you’re posting and how you’re engaging with your followers.

Here are 3 simple, yet effective Social Media Marketing tips real estate agencies should consider:

Focus Your Social Media Marketing Where It Matters Most

Every social media platform has its own purpose, audience, and language. Real estate agencies need to carefully select the platforms where their customers are most active. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to have a strong presence on all platforms. When it comes to reaching prospective clients, and building a strong network of connections, you should consider using the following four platforms:

  • Facebook (17 million monthly active Australian users / 2.01 billion globally)
  • YouTube (15.6 million monthly unique Australian visitors / 1.5 billion globally)
  • Instagram (5 million monthly active Australian users / 500 million globally)
  • LinkedIn (4.2 million monthly active Australian users / 467 million globally)

(*Source: figures correct as at August 2017; accessed 4th September 2017).

Keep the Right Balance of Content

Don’t forget the “Social” aspect of Social Media Marketing – People use social media to be informed and entertained, not bombarded with marketing messages.

80% of your content should cater towards your audience’s interests, and only 20% should be about your own services. Click To Tweet

Keep your eyes open for neighbourhood events and local news that will appeal to your target audience, and that will ensure your 20% marketing content won’t be ignored when you wish to share a new listing or success story.

Leverage the Power of Facebook Advertising

Facebook and the other major social media platforms have changed the way posts are distributed, which has made it more challenging for real estate agencies to reach a wide pool of contacts through organic posts alone.

Organic posts currently only reach around 2-4% of your overall following, so you should consider incorporating paid Facebook Advertising into your overall strategy. Facebook Advertising offers hyper-targeted marketing for real estate agencies, as you can narrow your audience down based on key demographics, behaviours, personal interests and other factors such as whether they have recently visited your website or subscribed to your email list.

Want to know if you’re using Social Media Marketing the right way to attract prospective clients into your agency? Reach out to the team at Little Spark Digital to request a Free 30 Minute Digital Marketing Consultation!

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